Our Practice

About our Dental Practice

Drs. Newell and Flinn are ready and eager to help keep your mouth healthy and your smile attractive through a combination of personalized attention and modern technology. We offer a variety of services ranging from basic dental care to the All-on-Four procedure, whatever your dental needs are, we can help. Here you are not just a patient, you are our patient!

Upon arrival, one of our friendly staff members will greet you, make sure all necessary paperwork and information is filled out or updated, and verify that all preparations are ready for your appointment.

If coming in for an initial consult, it will consist of a periodontal evaluation (for overall oral health), an esthetic evaluation, an oral cancer screening, and x-rays. In addition, the doctor will ask questions regarding your overall health, history, and any past medical experiences you have had that will be used in conjunction with the exam results to design an appropriate treatment plan.

At the end of your appointment, the doctor will make sure you are feeling as well as possible and address all questions and concerns regarding your treatment. Finally, a staff member will present you with any doctor’s prescriptions, if any, and schedule your next appointment. Reminders will always be made via telephone or your preferred method of contact.